Hall of Fame Nominations 2019


The Polish Hall of Fame was started by the Polish Cultural Center Advisory Board. The honorees will be perpetually enshrined in the Polish Cultural Center, which is currently in its development stage. Inductions are made in the following four categories.


The first Polish parish was founded in 1875, according to Toledo's Polonia. Since then, Toledo has been blessed with wonderful parishes and a supporting clergy. Nominate someone who has been a spiritual compass for Poles in this category.


You know the story, and you tell it all the time; "We had to be home before the street lights went on. And usually before I got home, my parents knew all about what I had done, because all the neighbors kept an eye out for our safety and their peace of mind." Maybe your grandmother who passed along her coffee cake recipe deserves your nomination under this category.


Whether one of the hard-working Jeep employees reporting to the production line, or a small business owner with the corner grocery store, or a "domestic CEO" who made sure supper was on the table seven days a week, Polish people knew the value of a dollar and how to earn and spend it honestly. Nominate your favorite worker in this category.


Has someone you know been a big part of our Polish entertainment or culture in northwest Ohio or beyond? Nominate a musician, sports figure, dance teacher, etc. in this category.